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Our Community Matters.
I am a community leader with a proven track record and I am a proud resident of Ward 20. With a reputation of being a creative problem solver and someone who can negotiate benefits for communities, I get the job done! My energy and commitment to our community is boundless as demonstrated by many involvements and appointments.

  • Founder of two neighbourhood groups (Cityplace Residents’ Association and Fort York Neighbourhood Association)
  • Volunteer boards such as The Toronto Humane Society.
  • Appointed to the Toronto/East York Community Preservation Panel (TEYPP) by City Council
  • Elected as Chair for the TEYPP and as Chair I sat on the city’s Preservation Board.
  • Appointed to a working group dealing with heritage preservation and development for a project in Ward 20.

When I suggest a solution to a problem and/or issue, it is only after careful consideration and listening to area residents and businesses — and I will then make that solution happen!

I will work with our Mayor, Council and neighbourhood groups to deliver solutions to our ongoing traffic and gridlock issues and provide solutions to enhance any Downtown Relief Line. I believe we need to make transit accessible (both physically and financially) for everyone so that it really is the better way. I also believe we need to create, maintain and improve bike lanes so they are safe and separated from vehicles. This means that vehicles would be unable to park, stop or idle in them. I will work on improving our quality of life, revitalize our public spaces and parks, and help guide decisions so Toronto’s Ward 20 is the best place to live, work and play. In addition, I will always continue to support affordable city run programs offered by the city for kids and residents at our community centres and throughout the city. Along with the big issue items like transit, I commit to helping residents resolve local issues, specific to them, such as parking and garbage pickup in a timely manner.

We need to create more jobs by encouraging office space development downtown, allowing more new businesses to set up and stay, and more existing businesses to grow. We also cannot forget about our arts and cultural industries – the very soul of a city – and I will make sure that these industries have room to flourish and remain relevant to the City and especially here in Ward 20.

Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America, and Ward 20 is an important part of this great city. Ward 20 has had a strong leader in Adam Vaughan, and needs another experienced and demonstrated leader on city issues, who understands how the City of Toronto works and who can negotiate benefits for our communities as we continue to experience growth. Others may make endless promises of what they would like to do: I set goals and I deliver.

On October 27, I ask for your support and your vote.


Proven Track Record

Cityplace Resident's Association · Founder and President · May 2010 to June 2014

Our neighbourhood is one of the most well known neighbourhoods in Toronto, and will be home to over 18,000 residents in 25 towers once all the buildings have been built.

Chair · CityPlace My Market Farmers' Market · June 2013 to present

Canoe Landing Park, CityPlace Toronto
Dean organized, and brought a Farmers`Market, to his neighbourhood as a way to bring the community out of the condos where neighbours have a place to meet and shop. It`s a seasonal community Farmers’ Market hosted by the CityPlace Residents’ Association and Organized by FMO (Farmers’ Market Ontario) and the market sponsors. The market runs from June to October and features Ontario farmers.

Fort York Neighbourhood Association · Advisor & Founder · 2012 to present

Assisting the board for of Fort York Neighbourhood Association with Planning and Neighbourhood Issues and Advocacy, www.fyna.ca.

Neighbourhood Advisor · Cityfest Toronto · June 2014 to present

I advise on Cityfest on local neighbourhood issues in the Cityplace neighbourhood, the Fort York Neighbourhood and Entertainment District neighbourhood and the venue, Canoe Landing Park, that may be of interest to the festival. I also assist in residential building outreach involving property management to promote the festival to their residents.

Community Volunteer · Entertainment District Neighbourhood Association · May 2014 to present

This is a newly formed Neighbourhood Association (not-for-profit) working within the boundaries of Toronto’s Entertainment District Business Improvement Area. This group will foster, and help create, a sense of community in Toronto’s Downtown Core. I advise and suggest ways to engage the neighbourhood.

INSPIRE Awards · Director · Jan 17, 2014 to present

A newly appointed Director to the Board. Inspire Awards honours the most inspiring people, youth, businesses and organizations in the LGBTQ community in the Greater Toronto Area.

Chair, Inspire Awards Board of Director lead for the Steering committee for the Monument & Walk of Heroes Design Team

Toronto and East York Community Preservation Panel · Chairman · Nov 1, 2013 to present

This falls under Heritage Preservation Services and Urban Design for the City of Toronto. Working with the Toronto Preservation Board to help find and protect Toronto’s Heritage properties.

Toronto Humane Society ·Director · May 2012 to present

Director, Community Outreach & Adoption

A Toronto Telcom · Analyst · Oct 23, 1995 to present

Customer database analyst for all lines of business. Also held many other roles throughout my many years.

Community Mirvish Gehry Working Group · Appointee - member · Jan 14, 2014 to Feb 18, 2014

The 18 appointed member working group will work with all stakeholders to offer suggestions/solutions to the proposed Mirvish-Gehrey development proposal. The original proposal asked that the East Parcel would be developed with an 82-storey mixed use building complete with a six storey base. The West Parcel would be developed with two tower elements having total heights of 84 and 86 storeys from John Street to Ed Mirvish Way respectively, including a six-storey base. The original proposal was not deemed acceptable by the city, thus, a working group was created.

Out Tv · Freelancer · Sep 2001 to Sep 2007

Freelance Producer for the Crystal Lite Show and interstitial programming – formerly known as PrideVision TV. (www.outtv.ca)

OUTtv is Canada’s ONLY National Gay and Lesbian Television Network.

Author/ Writer · St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador · 1994

Children’s author – Frederick the Fisherman Under the Sea (ISBN 0-921692-57-9)

Ongoing Animal Welfare Advocate · Animal Advocacy · September 2011 to present

Dean was successful in asking Toronto City Council to ban the sale of cats and dogs in Toronto Pet Shops and later in Mississauga, Ontario, City Council.


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